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Just that one fan. by FourthFilly4th
Just that one fan.
Okay, OKAY, this is the LAST one! I promise... Ye
Anyways, this is mini me, showing the love I have for :iconzephurous:'s Human Bonnie. I just think the design is awesome, and Bonnie has the cutest face! D'AWW~! Bonnie Warfstache 
So, of course, both these designs aren't mine, they're Zephie's.
I tried so freaking hard to get the colors right! But I just couldn't get it!
UUUURGH!Bonnie's seen too much 
But yeah, I mostly did this for Zephurous, because I reckon a great artist like him deserves a little picture, showing him how much I adore his designs and art. :meow:
And, I had just read your most recent journal a little while ago Zephurous (if you're reading this), and I just wanna say, don't let a wonky tablet hold you back. I have the same problem! Mine is a complete piece of shit! That's why I mostly stick to just pencils and paper. To me, drawing digitally is a pain and I'd much prefer the old fashioned way for better results. But yeah, don't get upset buddy, just keep doing your best! Don't let anything drag you down! A bright future awaits!
Be the best! We all know you can be the best!

I know you can be the best! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 

Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's  and Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's  Humanized designs - :iconzephurous:
Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's , Five Nights at Freddy's - Scott Cawthon
Art and mini me - By me!

Hope you like it Zephie! :)
The Chic got loose by FourthFilly4th
The Chic got loose
Now who's the lucky scrub that got bitten?
Just thought I'd might throw this out there.
This is not how it originally looked. It had so much more to it that this. (Toy Bonnie was going to be standing beside her!)
But I just couldn't resist. I needed to make a bloody drawing! (Pun intended, maybe...?)
Oh and do ignore her bib, I've been drawing Chica more recently and I did write that by accident. That's also sort of the reason why this drawing is like... This. dog intensifies 

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Chica - Icon GIF , Five Nights at Freddy's - Scotty-Scott Cawthonnnn-- :doublechinarin: 
Brutal Twiley be bloody by FourthFilly4th
Brutal Twiley be bloody
She returned to Ponyville, gritting her teeth in pain and anger. Her friends could only stare in shock, questioning how their beloved friend could have been attacked. Her arms and legs were covered in rope burns, mouth cut up and bleeding heavily, her left eye swollen, blood-shot and bruised. Heck, she still had rope tied around her wing!
Twilight sighed, straightening herself out and looking her friends in the eyes, firmly saying, "No one can ever, bring me down."

There you go! Your daily dose of reading! You don't need to go pick that book up now.
This really has no true story behind it, just me addicted to drawing beaten up Twiley from time-to-time.
I KNOW! I'm still pony-trash, I'm sorry.Stitch is Sorry plz 
Also, this was me really messing around with drawing mild gore, bruising (which turned out alright but my scanner hates me) and CRAYONS!
MOTHER FUCKING CRAYONS! baby intensifies 
 It was so much fun Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3] 
Do excuse my messy finelining skills and bad shading, my hands were shaky for some odd reason after I carried around my 20 ton cat... Hmm...
Oh, and that pink smudge. Forget that, not important.

Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon <-- This psycho belongs to this strange company no one has probably ever heard of --> :iconhasbroplz:
The art is my mess I forgot to clean up Peter shrugs 
Henry the Horse - Five Nights at Freddy's OC by FourthFilly4th
Henry the Horse - Five Nights at Freddy's OC
Animatronic Info:

Name: Henry the Horse

Gender: Male

Species: Horse (unicorn/pegasus*)

True size- 10'5 ft
Drawn- 6 ft *or a foot or two higher**

Programmed for: Teaching kids art, musician (on occasions).

Been around since: Freddy Fazbear's Diner***

Special phrases:
"Hey kids! Who's ready to paint?!"
"Let's draw something fun!"
"Feeling a little blue? Why not add some pink!"

Story: Henry is quite a colorful character, very creative too! He's very relaxed, patient and always takes his time. His most know feature, of course is his colors! When he was originally introduced along side the main four, he wasn't all that bright and colorful. He was just that dull grey, and didn't have his wings and horn. The company felt he wasn't as bright as they wanted him, so they fixed him up to look the way he does now. Henry also never was meant to have the personality he's given. The company wanted an energenic, happy-go-lucky animatronic, but upon being powered-on, he was just quiet and calm, quite happy too. And after seeing kids react to him (after his small design change), they decided to just keep him that way. Another thing they notice is his little hobby to changing his tie. He has all different colored ties and changes them quite regularly, even through just one day! Henry always tells kids for a small joke is that he just can't decide which one he likes the most!
Regarding the other animatronics, he's the tallest of them all, just half a foot over Freddy's height. His relationship with them all is good, he gets along well. Foxy tends to tease him a lot for his hair, horn and wings, but Henry does his best to ignore that. He joins them on stage on occasions to rock out on the violin, cello or piano.
Henry tries to forget the past. He gets pretty down and out when the event is mentioned and just tries to lighten up his mood by drawing.

Problems/Malfunctions: Henry was heavily programmed, cramming in a bit too much for him to handle. He tends to glitch out and over-heat rapidly if he over-does it. Even with his ability to bend his body half way (something the others cannot do), he can get jammed up and that can make him lock-up all together.

Weaknesses: Henry can actually get pretty emotional. He can't keep his calm all the time. He can easily go from very happy and joyful, to pretty depressed and sad, to flat-out rage. This mostly is shown through his glitching problems.
During his nighttime roaming, he can easily be seen in the dark. His hair is like a large colorful light and will sometimes turn on even without Henry doing it himself. So sneaking about it quite difficult.
Another weekness is that he can't see very well out of his right eye. Due to his large hair, it covers most of his vision. He can't even look right at all! The company is currently working on a way to fix this.

Night Behavior: Henry starts in a room next to the toilets simply titled "Art Room". From there he passes through the "Dining Area", and rarely appear in the "Bathrooms" and "Backstage" room. He comes down from the Left side, along with Bonnie and Foxy of course. When he's at your door, you must shut it to keep him out. His horn can be seen in the window, and when it disappears, it means he's gone. Henry moves around quite a bit, but doesn't seem as active as Chica and Bonnie. He's more like Freddy, but changes rooms constantly like Chica and Bonnie.
When he gets in your room, he stands right in front of you, staring at you with his "blackened" eyes, holding a sketch book and pencil. Your doors, lights and camera function fine, but the more your camera is pulled up time and time again, the higher the chance he'll just jumpscare you, which Henry does by lunging at you and screeching.

Current Status: Online, and will go through a small redesign later.


OMG, DONE! Urgh! That took ages!
Anyways! Decided to finally present you Henry. His story may be edited later on, this is just it for now. So look out for that. Now, I would like to point out some things.
One, he's no joke! This is his true design. If anyone thinks he's just a thing made to laughs, he's not. Everything about him was made seriously. Why he's so colorful though? And why does he have a horn and wings? Two answer those, he's meant to represent creativity. Fantasy. He's meant to show kids how imaginative a mind can be.
Two, he's not gay. He's just... Not, okay? I already mentioned this.
Three, you may notice the color pattern his hair, horn and wings has. Recognize a certain beloved pony? Yes, Rainbow Dash! Also, his hair shape is wavy, similar to Celestia and Luna. BUT, he is NOT a pony-based character! Those small details at INSPIRED by those ponies. He's not even a FNAF-based character either! I'll bring up another image some other time of how he actually looks. I promise you he's not a pony, not originally a FNAF OC, he was created after my addictions to horses and my friends ideas.
Any questions or comments you have about him? Feel free to tell me. But out-right rude or nasty comments will be removed.
Now, onto high-lighted points.
*Key marks*:

* - Yes, once again, he is both a pegasus and unicorn. He's not an alicorn, he's under the species of horse, with unicorn and pegasus parts.

** - What I mean by "Drawn" and "True Height", is that in my FNaF universe, their freaking huge. Not just tall, but large. That is their "True Height" but their "Drawn" is just a shorter, more cartoon-like appearance in sketches.

*** - Another thing about my headcanon, is that there was four establishments. They are:
Fredbear's Family Diner - home to one animatronic, Golden Freddy (formally known as Fredbear in his good years)
Freddy Fazbear's Diner - the gang is introduced (Henry included)
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - the toys are made (FNaF 2)
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria - the older models and brought back and fixed up (FNaF 1)
Kinda-sorta based of Game Theory's little theory on there being four places. Just changed to my liking a little.
This is my own take on the FNAF universe, so please don't rant about that.

ALRIGHT, I'm now done! I'm tired, I need sleep! Hope you enjoy my horsey as much as I do. Like I said, I'll fix this up some other time, but for now, its bed time. Bye! :D

Henry - Me!
Five Nights at Freddy's - Scott Cawthon
All of these freaking sketches! TAKE THEM! by FourthFilly4th
All of these freaking sketches! TAKE THEM!
So much here, so much to explain. Hooray for me.
Some of these sketches might look different to the next, it's because they're a little outdated from the rest. I change my style real quickly over a short period of time. Time to point some sh*t out!
Alright to start off, I guess, there's a bit of shipping in here... Yeh...
One, like I've mentioned before, is Toy Freddy and Mangle. 'Cause I just found it cute, a couple never actually noticed.
Another there is Chica x Foxy. Yes, I am Chicken and Fox paring trash! Don't rant at me! I just like the pair a lot!
One last one there is, Bonnie x Freddy. HAHAAA! Surprise, surprise! I'll explain a little more on Bonnie and Toy Bonnie.
(Also I pair Toy Chica x Toy Bonnie, but I couldn't find any good sketches on them.)
Another thing I'd like to point out, is that you may notice on the bottom left drawing of Foxy and Chica, that Foxy's right eye is faded. It's to show that my version of Foxy is partly blind under that eyepatch. He can't see well during the day with that eye, but at night his sight is pretty good, but not spot on. (And yes, I know Chica's beak is gone. Looking at her design from the first game, I reckon she could pull off the same trick at Toy Chica.)
The picture above the Foxy and Chica one I mentioned is actually my character, Henry. More about him will be explained in another drawing. And the girl beside him is another character of mine. She's just there, she doesn't actually tie in with the FNaF stuff, she's my own OC based on no movie, no game, no book, nothing. She just exists.
Oh, AND the dark-haired chibi girl (that also appears in the bottom right pic) is me! I'm tubby! XD
And to also point out, directed towards the drawing in the bottom right corner, it points out, that my Toy Bonnie and Bonnie, are both its. Both genders. Both with male and female parts. But Bonnie is referred as a guy, due to being more masculine, and Toy Bonnie is referred as a she, since she acts the opposite to Bonnie (meaning she's more feminine, of course). And no, they're not made like that just to fit into their pairings, it's just a small thought I'd come up with. More should be explained later.
That just about does it! I have a lot more to talk about, but that's for another time. Hope you all enjoy these sketches!

Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Chica Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Freddy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Bonnie - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sexy Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF , Five Nights at Freddy's - Scott Cawthon
Isabelle, Henry the Horse, and chibi me - Well, ME! XD

*Sorry if some pictures are blurry or faded, my scanner is an a*shole.*
Hey peeps
It's ya old pal, :iconhtfcharmaker10:
That acc was banned FOREVER
So yeah
Uploading soon

See ya~♥
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