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Sad moments with Manly T.Freddy. by FourthFilly4th
Sad moments with Manly T.Freddy.
So today I had school, but I could still chat with my sweetheart thankfully. And while sharing screens, and being an ass in my English class, I created this masterful piece.
Of course there's censoring, can't let the little "fella" out. Tee-hee-hee. :iconteheplz:

pls critec k tanks.

also donut steel! or imma report u to da coppas! im an internet lawnmower, su i now all da rulz

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Freddy - Icon GIF 5 nites @ fredds (c) Scott Cawthoooooooooooooon.
Design by, me! (DONUT STEEL)
Drawn by, meeeh~! (DONUT STEEL PLS)
Chicken breasts by FourthFilly4th
Chicken breasts
So I got bored and picked this model up...
Was going to censor it, but it's just breasts, nothing over the top.
But apart from the model I used, I kinda like how this one looks. The quality is okay in a few areas, but that's probably just me, eh.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sexy Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon
Made in, :icongmodplz: (c) Garry Newman
Edited in, GIMP
Made by, meeeh~!
*Download for better quality!*
Two good things! by FourthFilly4th
Two good things!
Well, I dunno. I guess really one, but pfft. Whatevs. I couldn't think of a better title. Don't judge me--

Today I finally decided to do something about my FNaF 2 map problem. Some of you may have had it before, or maybe still have it.
What I'm talking about is Gmod crashing when trying to load the FNaF 2 map. I went through countless addons, uninstalling ones that I don't use, just to hopefully get it working. But then I made a decision, and that was to uninstall the FNaF 1 remakes. They're my main maps (mostly the day time version), and after I got rid of them, of course my FNaF 2 map started working again. Hopefully it was just pure luck that I managed to get back into this map, or else I am going to be furious.
Unless you guys know a way that you can stop the crashing, please do tell me. I am sick and tired of trying so many times and failing miserably. Hopefully I'll find a way to get it fixed.

Second thing, I guess, is that the Unwithered models were updated. More movement (I think?), a few body parts changed and a whole new model. The Unwithered Foxy model.
In my opinion, I find these models alright. Bonnie and Foxy are pretty adorable to me, Freddy looks like a ball and Chica had a major face change. I died of laughter when I saw her gorgeous face appear before me.
I do have a few little complaints about the models, but I'll keep that to myself, they're just silly nitpicks.

I guess that's it. As for the picture, I think I went a little overboard with the filtering and blurring. Ah well, I just wanted to mess with the models really.

((SHIT! I just realised I forgot my broken arm, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!))

Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon
Made in, :icongmodplz: (c) Garry Newman
Edited in, GIMP
Made by, meeeh~!
*Download for better quality!*
A small talk... by FourthFilly4th
A small talk...
Okay, so this is a little update thing/a little more about me. I know that a lot of you have been questioning me for some stuff, so I'm just going to jump right into it.

Current Mood: Well, I'm very tired. Like, extremely tired. And kinda stuck between moods. I'm happy for a lot of things, yet future stuff and current things going on in my life ruin that good mood rather quickly. But I try to forget it all, or at least not let it effect my work. And it's tough, but I'm managing it fairly okay.

A few little events: To start off with that, I had a Battle of the Bands contest. My band and I went in, rocked, and won nothing. But of course, we only joined in for fun, so winning nothing wasn't a big deal for us. Sure, we were a little bummed out, but it was still a ton of fun getting up there and rocking it out. Hell, as soon as I started singing, people just began shouting cheerfully, and clapping a long and enjoying our little performance. I was obviously shocked by the people enjoying my singing that much, so shocked that I ended up mucking up the singing terribly and forced us all to restart the song. No one seem to care and told us to just start from the beginning, and thankfully we got through the whole song on our second shot and left the crowd cheering for us.
I had a feeling once I saw more bands take the stage that we weren't going to win. Because A.) We messed up, and I take full blame for that mistake. And B.) We were the youngest band in the competition and the only band that played one song. My band and I had no idea we could sing up to three songs in the competition, so we're going back next year and we already have our next two songs planned, hooray! :dummy:

Another small event that I could include, I guess, was that I've made a few more interenet memes friends, and I think a few of you know who they are already. But there was one friendship that was formed between an awesome man and I. A friendship that grew very quickly over the course of a few weeks.
A friendship I don't ever want to lose, that always keeps me smiling and laughing. This person, I will not name, unless he's fine with it. And for anyone who does know who this guy is, please don't mention him, at all. Just, don't. I don't want it to become a huge problem, so no tossing names about.
And as for my other mates I made, they'll all be mentioned further below if you don't know who they are yet. Keep reading, or just skip down further if you want to know who they are.

Current work progess: Time to talk about the Gmod shit that you've all been asking me for.
The FNaF asks.
Okay, I'll start off by saying, please stop asking me about them. I don't know when they'll begin again, and I still don't have the full story thought out. So to everyone wondering about the asks, they are on the way. They are being made, one by one, and I'll release them all in one big message.
I mean, I'll release them one by one, but I'll just constantly upload more and more. And I will balance out my drawing time and my Gmod time.
With some stuff that has happened/is happening/going to happen in my life, it's all holding me back, and I apologise for pushing it all back so far. But do know that I will start being more active with the asks once more. Remember that they take time to make, each picture gets a lot of detail thrown in so I can keep you all interested.

So just to sum that little section up:
The asks are coming.
They will be all finished soon.
Just wait.

Oh boy here we go. How shall I start this...
Hmm... Okay. Well, life has been decent so far. A lot of lows, a lot of highs, but nothing so bad.
That was only so far, until I had a few... Reminders.
You should all remember the journal I posted last week, saying that I had a doctors appointment. Well, that was all wrong. I got my dates mucked up, I actually had my appointment this Friday, and all it was, was a small check-up. I don't see my actual doctor until next month, giving me time to sort some stuff out.

And I know that very few of you are curious as to what that appointment is all about and what I mean by "my actual doctor". And I can't flat out tell you, but I'll point out the more major things.
For starters, my heart, is a piece of shit... Well not literally, it's just not a perfectly functioning heart. It's had, and still has, its flaws. I won't go into full detail, but let's just say that it has caused me so much pain and sadness over the course of my entire life.

And I'll get right to it. Here comes the sad bit you guys.
Guess what ladies and gentlemen, if I did receive medical attention the second I was actually birth from my mother, I was going to fucking die.
Yes, as a baby still within my mother's belly, I was declared possible dead weight inside my mother if my doctor didn't give me a second chance. They were considering having me surgically removed and put down so I don't have to suffer.
But, my doctor told my parents that there was still a chance that I could live.

So came the day, the 28th of June one fine year, a child was born and instantly taken from her own mother and rushed away to another hospital to be saved. It took multiple operations, and then.
They waited.
Holding their breaths.
Hoping to see this baby spring back to life.
At first it seemed that all of that trouble was for nothing, the baby wasn't in the greatest condition.
But they kept believing.
And soon enough.
The child awoke.
And slowly, her health was getting back on track.

I managed to fight for my life, and I was actually one of many to survive what I had. To actually beat the odds, kick death's ass and live. What I have is rare, and has left me with one flaw that isn't fatal, but permanent.
From a baby, to my young teen years, I had to be careful of what I did. I couldn't push myself to do things, or it could've left me with some serious damage. But now, my body is in good condition, with only two real flaws. The permanent flaw I mentioned before, and the fact that I'm slightly overweight. My friends say I'm not fat, but I am. I really am. If not fat, then extremely chubby.
If anyone wants a pillow, just lie on my stomach and you'll be fine.

But yeah, this got a little depressing real quickly, but don't worry. For now, I know that I'm actually in good health, despite the two flaws. I can walk fine, I am somewhat fit. Just not that fit. XD

So yeah, until I see my doctor next month, I am perfectly fine. No need to panic, I just wanted to share some stuff with you all. Ignore it if you want, but don't forget it because it might become a major thing again. I'll explain more after that appointment comes and goes.

Extra stuff: Here's the part where things get messy, very messy. So try to focus a little.
I just want to start out by giving a little shoutout to my good friends:

Thank you all for putting up with me so far. Thank you for putting up with my whining, crying and ear-destroying singing. XD
I am honestly grateful for all of the support you guys have shown me, all the love you've given me, just everything! I couldn't ask for a better group of mates, so don't ever stop being the awesome people you all are. Please, keep doing what you're doing because you all are sure as hell good at it. :meow:

And I would like to also give a big shoutout to my best friend (the unnamed guy mention above), for just being you. Being that amazing you that I got to know and get to love. I want you to know that I want you to keep smiling, keep being amazing, no matter what happens/has happened to you.
 You're what I look forward to the most when I come online, and I hope it stays like that. I can't wait to continue life with you by my side over the wonderful land of the internet.
Maybe one day I will get to you and get that much needed hug from you. One day. :D

And honestly, I wish I could meet all of you in person, I would hug you all and just we can go out on a night at the greatest place on earth! Which could be anywhere!
But seriously, I would love to get the chance to meet you all and spend a great amount of time with you guys. Honestly, you're all just so amazing.

Anything else I could talk about?
Uhh, my birthday's next month, hooray? I get to be an ass on the road by that point, which should be a ton of fun. XD

I don't think there's anything else that really needs to be said now. I'm so tired, I could just lie down and pass out at any moment.

If you managed to sit through that whole thing, congratulations, here's a cookie: :cookie:

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon
Made in, :icongmodplz: (c) Garry Newman
Edited in, GIMP
Life story and picture made my, meeeh~!
*Download for better quality!*
Good times~ by FourthFilly4th
Good times~
Okay, THIS COUPLE, is adorable!
Even if Moxy(Mangle) is torn up or not, I just loooooooove this pairing!

No one can make me think otherwise! Huehuehue~

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 2 Blue eyed Toy Freddy Icon Five Nights at Freddy's (c) Scott Cawthon
Made in, :icongmodplz: (c) Garry Newman
Edited in, GIMP
Made by, meeeh~!
*Download for better quality!*
I have an doctor's appointment tomorrow. I need to have my yearly check-up on my crappy heart.
I hope I just get the same speech as I did last appointment, or much better results, or else I'm going to be shattered.

I'll see you all on the other side of the medical center. XD

[NOTE: I copied this from my other account's journal, just so you all know. I hope I don't have to go under...]
  • Mood: Sadness


FourthFilly4th's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello everyone! My name's Hayley, but you can call me Hayl (pronounced like: hail) for short, or Pat(ty)!
Wow this bio is looking silly already XD.

ANYWAYS! I am an artist, singer, Gmodder, and beginner in animation. (Which isn't going so well.) ^^;

I'm currently a big fan of Five Nights at Freddy's, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Mario, Happy Tree Friends and so much more. I'd list it all, but there's way too much.

Feel free to send me notes if you feel like chatting, or you need some cheering up, anything! I'm open to chatting with you all. :D

That's about it for now! I hope you all enjoy the work I produce to you guys! Have fun now! :)

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